CC-Assist.NET Online Demo Site
CC-Assist.NET Online Demo Site
New Features
Dallas, TX
07/12/2014 12:00 PM
We have several upcoming new features for CC-Assist.NET I want to share with you in advance. Below is a sneak peak at the list of items you have to look forward to soon.

Updates scheduled for release at the end of this month
CC-Assist.NET Web Page Updates
•         Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
•         Web page addresses that use the Chamber subdomain “” and are easily readable (E.g. Your online directory search page address will be
•         A dedicated online profile page provided for each member (not sure what you mean for this….how will this differ from the current member listing)
•         A directory of Reps which includes social networking links, bios and images
•         Unlimited number of subdirectories possible using Member and Rep Groups. (E.g. Directories for Boards, Committees, Sponsors, Alumni, etc.)
•         Customizable appearance of navigation and search controls
•         Custom summaries displayed at the top of business category listings and subdirectories
•         Traffic to online Event pages monitored and viewable via standard reports

CC-Assist.NET Output Updates

•         Members-only login information added to printed and e mailed invoices for easier online payments  What if we don’t use Members Only, or can we figure out a way to make this work for us.
•         Both specified and unspecified Attendees able to be included in Event Attendee outputs (E.g. spreadsheets, nametags, etc.) (not sure what this means)
•         Event confirmation e-mails provided for registrants manually entered by Chamber staff
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